Our Mantra

Too many children are unmotivated and uninterested in getting off their bums. They’re glued to the couch playing on their phones and devices. At Lookout Adventures we are trying to turn the problem into a solution.

We want to encourage children and families to use their devices to help explore and engage with the world around them!


We want to help children and families discover what our beautiful province has to offer. The Lookout Adventures Sites page showcases nearby iconic locations and landmarks to help you quickly choose a Site to explore.

Did You Know Screen


Our goal is to encourage children and families to engage with their surroundings in a new, fun, and interactive way. Each Site is broken down into individualized Adventures that deal with unique themes and ideas. Each consist of exciting trivia questions, interactive activities and interesting facts centred around a particular theme.


First and foremost, Lookout Adventures is here to encourage families to have fun! Once an Adventure is completed, children earn a fun and colourful Badge and Adventure Rank. This encourages them to complete more Adventures and visit more Sites. We believe that exploration, discovery, engagement, and interaction should be experienced together through play. The Lookout Adventures experience aims to be exciting and fun for the whole family.


Continued Development

Lookout Adventures is only in the early stages of development. For our early release, we have chosen to focus on a small number of iconic Sites in the Avalon Metro region. Our intention is to continuously expand the app with new Sites, Adventures, and Features. With your help and support we can make this happen. Lookout for what’s coming next!

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