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It all started with a long, spirited discussion centred around our youth and the role they will play in our future and the role we need to play in theirs. We think that everyone can agree that they’re the key to a better tomorrow and that they’re going to need our help as parents and educators.

At Lookout Adventures, we came to the conclusion that many kids today simply lack motivation for learning and exercise because the tools available have not kept pace with current technology. This has started them down the road to poor health and has disconnected them from the real world.

Many kids are out of shape and we have taken note of this widespread problem. By continuing to live unhealthy lifestyles, kids will not develop the physical and mental fortitude that is required to reach their own personal greatness. This lack of motivation will be their downfall.

With technology, you would think that kids would be more aware of current events and problems. Sadly, technology has worked against us as it has created a disconnected lifestyle that we have become accustomed to. Kids lack interaction with their surroundings and are unaware of the problems and solutions that exist right in front of them. To make the world a better place, they need to step outside and observe what’s happening.

So what is the fancy solution to this problem? It was literally right in front of us the whole time! Exploring and interacting with our environment is the best way to prepare kids for the real world. To do this we need to use our technology for its original purpose…to allow us to connect and engage with our world.

So that takes us to our Lookout Adventures App. With each adventure offered, we aim to encourage kids and families to use their devices to become more physically active and knowledgeable as they explore and engage with the world around them!

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